Growing up in Transylvania and raised in the country atmosphere of a small town, Izabella's distinct artistic aesthetic was shaped early on by the town art school.
In shes youth, Izabella was a student of an Art school where she learned to sing and play on violin and piano. Later she took acting classes and attended painting camps. It seemed that she would take the path of a professional musician or actor, but decided to pursue another passion, Law.

"I just felt like even though this was supposed to be my dream, it didn’t quite fit with who I thought I was on the inside," - she says.

She missed Art in her life. After finishing her studies at a Law University, she studied Interior Design. This began her fascination.

"It didn’t really seem like it was a career path, but it felt like something I just had to do. I want to create Art for the rest of my life according to my highest calling and fullest abilities. If I can transmit through my work, even the smallest semblance of the love and passion that I have for life – I will have truly done something. Art must celebrate the beauty and immensity of life."